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Mom Who Can started as a social media handle of mine to highlight inspirational women I know who are making a difference in their communities. I know many moms who share the same experience of feeling guilty for wanting to pursue career advancement because imposed social norms say that moms are the primary caretakers of the home and their children. 

Every woman deserves to go after what makes her feel confident, purposeful, fulfilled, and at her best. This is true for those who haven't been in the workforce at all or for many years, and it is also true for women who are already on their journey of empowerment. 

Mom Who Can today is my mentoring service to the community of women who are looking for someone to talk to, run their career dreams and ideas by, share their challenges of being a mother and/or woman in the workplace, discuss how our various identities are challenged in the workplace, etc. 

Does safe, accepting, and nonjudgemental mentoring sound like what you are looking for? If so, I offer a FREE 1-hour session and 45-minute follow-up meeting. Please see the Mentoring information on my Services page for more information. 

I can't wait to meet you! 

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